Not NI -relevant - but how to BATCH normalize overdozens of WAV-files on OSX?

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As audio-editor i use OcenAudio ... it´s a really great Donut-Ware!

But there is no possible to BATCH (simple stunts like NORAMILZE....) lot of files&wavs....

How can i do this on OSX 10.15???



  • Tony Jones
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    Have you tried vlc? It can do most things

  • strg+v
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  • JesterMgee
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    I use Wavelab for that kind of batch process.... but it's not even close to a free option.

    Free options I use are ffmpeg and command line but again, not mac. I find this kind of stuff just far easier to find workable free solutions on PC over macOS so don't have options for mac sorry.

  • strg+v
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    Thanks guys!

    But i also found the free/donaut AUDACITY and its BATCH - work for all of my needs...

    Batch-Jobs are there called MACROS- but its the same. Its even better, you can save such Batch-Presets with diffrent "effekts/Operations) for later use.

    I´m really with this, however how ugly DOS/Windows 1 the "UI" looks... it does this kind of jobs perfect :-)

    Some donuts for this (50MB slim app ) or some hundrets of bucks for (big fat overloaded - i guess: 1,2 GB fat Wavelab...)

    I prefer the thankfully-ugly-kid, instead the greedy-fat-grandpa!

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