Adding Kontakt patches to Maschine Plus

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Hey guys, I searched all over and found a few hints, but are there like definitive instructions on what to do to add Kontakt patches to Maschine Plus?

Most specifically:

Where do I put the patches and samples?

Do ‘container’ patches work (where everything is put in the nki)?

Do I need a full license of Kontakt in my account for this to work?

What problems have you encountered, what is the reason why some patches work and others don’t?

Any help is appreciated. I promise do do a write up for the board once I have all the info and figure this out for myself.


  • ozon
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    There was quite some discussion about this topic on the old forum. Here’s a thread with some actual experimentation and findings:

  • Jean Voyage
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    Thanks. Unfortunately I cannot make sense of that thread at all. I have a bunch of Kontakt libraries (nki plus samples) that load fine in Ableton Sampler but I cannot seem to find where to put them on Maschine for them to load (and not just clutter the library with one shots). What is up?

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    Well, my conclusion on the old thread was

    Bottom line: It doesn't work.

    As with Reaktor, custom content for Kontakt is not officially supported and there is no information available on how to adapt existing Kontakt Libraries to work on the M+. Some users were able to get some Kontakt instruments to work, but not reliably.

    It’s a pity, because support for both Reaktor and Kontakt user content would make the M+ incredibly much more useful and powerful to a lot of different musicians.

    However, I understand that both engines carry the potential to be wasteful on resources and hamper the stability of the M+. Thus, it’s risky for NI to officially support custom content for Kontakt and Reaktor: The number of support cases could explode.

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    I kinda lost track of that thread during a bout of depression

    So far with Kontakt the best bet is to save the entire patch + samples to the SD card in place. I don't know enough about recursive file paths; Kontakt and Maschine Sampler are massively picky about looking for samples in specific places and the Maschine+ hardware doesn't prompt you to find anything. It just fails to load the patch. I hadn't experimented more with things like banks and tagging presets; I have a couple libraries that work out of the box that I meant to look deeper into how they are saved, etc. Pripyat Pianos and something else, it was choirs...

    So guess that's a long way to say no, there are no definitive instructions for getting Kontakt libraries to work with Maschine+ in stand alone and NI hasn't made it easy, nor do they care to help and I don't blame them for avoiding the headaches it would cause to "officially support" this procedure. In fact, I read in this new forum or maybe Reddit recently that as of 1.4 it was made even harder to load Kontakt libraries, but I forget the specifics tbh.

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