Problems getting FM8 to work

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Today, I was made aware of a $10 sale on FM8 on Naturally, I picked it up considering the original price was so hefty, this was a steal. However, once I bought it and went through the motions of licensing and all that, and booted up Komplete Kontrol in my DAW, I was met with a notification, announcing a "Loading Issue" alongside text explaining the plugin I had selected was not found. I tried loading a different FM8 plugin and was met with the same response.

Given how every other Kontakt instrument worked, and this issue was solely existent with FM8, my concern grew when the support article I used to attempt to fix the issue did not work. The standalone FM8 app works fine, and loads plugins without fault. It's just when I attempt to load it in Komplete Kontrol. I then attempted to reinstall FM8 in Native Access, both times met with failure.

My DAW is Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio. If anyone knows a workaround this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!



  • Brad Yost
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    Always start a newly installed NI Instrument in Standalone first and check functionality there to eliminate compounded issues as a plugin in a DAW.

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    @calebmakessound Can you open FM8 as a plug-in in your DAW? Have you checked what version of Komplete Kontrol is loading in your DAW ? Is it the same version as the Komplete Kontrol standalone application. If not, this is where your issue is coming from, you have to check the VST paths for Komplete Kontrol in your DAW, here's a little helper:

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