Import Song Data - Can Studio One Remember The Way My Instrument Outputs Were Set?

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In my Studio One folder, I have a subfolder called "Track Templates." Inside of this folder I have Studio One sessions dedicated to multi-channel drums. For instance, one of these multi-channel configurations is a folder track with 16 Instrument tracks set to Battery 4 outputs (so that I can record my drums to multi-channel MIDI). The 16 instrument tracks are routed to each of the 16 available outputs in Battery 4), meaning that each instrument track's Instrument Output is set to one of the 16 open Battery 4 outputs, consecutively. Also, each instrument track's Instrument Channel corresponds to the available 1-16, consecutively.

I use "Import Song Data" to import this Battery 4 folder track system, but there is one downfall. For each of the instrument tracks, its preset Instrument Channel is remembered, but its preset Instrument Output is not. The Instrument Outputs all default to the first output in Battery (Stereo 1/2). Is there a way to make Studio One remember the Instrument Outputs as I left them? This way, when I use "Import Song Data" to use an instance of my Battery 4 drums folder system, I can get right to work instead of having to re-route each of the MIDI tracks to their respective Instrument Outputs.

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