Why did Traktor Crash with my New S4 MK2? Traktor never crashed on my previous S4 MK2.

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I'm running Traktor 2.11.3 17

Testing a new MK2 Traktor S4. It crashed & stopped playing music suddenly.

This has never happened before, but it was after 10 minutes testing a replacement Traktor S4 MK2 following sending a faulty S4 MK2 for repair. (thanks everyone involved at NI & LetmeRepair btw, fantastic team!)

LEDs stayed lit up after shut down. When I restarted they remained lit up till I shut down the S4.

Is there something obvious I could try, other than updating the software? I ran the wizard to callibrate it with this new S4 MK2, but I never expected it would crash in this way, whilst all the hardware is working perfect. So perhaps there is something unique or different about this particular replacement S4 MK2 model, as the S4 MK2 I sent off for repair only had hardware faults, but never crashed at all whilst running it.

Perhaps there are slightly different versions of S4 MK2 hardware of which require certain mappings or callibrations? I ran the wizard upon setup when I first plugged it in, everything worked fine but, something has caused it to crash by my estimates.

It hasn't crashed once within 11 years on the macbook I use, so I'm certain it's nothing to do with the OS.

Just putting this out there incase someone is able to shed some light on it.

Thanks everyone,





  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @NeilDil I'm not aware that there are different versions of S4 MK2... Can you please get back to the repair team to report issues with the replacement?

  • NeilDil
    NeilDil Member Posts: 18 Member

    I've been in touch today, thanks for the suggestion. I forgot I'd asked about it on here.

    It crashed on a gig this Saturday. I was let off, but it took 5 minutes of guess work to get it working again. It just suddenly stopped audio & wouldn't respond to traktor, but my MK1 never did this.

    Deffo something I need to work on sorting out because I can't rely on it like this.


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