CPU Usage Of Maschine Runs To High

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Hey guys,

when I use more than two Instruments ( For example: Cloud Supply ) in Maschine the CPU Core usage of my Mac Book Air (2017-2,2 GHz, 8 gb RAM) goes up to a 100 % and the Fan runs loud... I never struggled with a high usage like that but I got this problem for a few months now. I tried to Update to the newest Maschine Version once but the Mac Book couldn't handle it so I went back to Version 2.12.1 on Mojave and stuck with it for a year now.

any suggestions for a easy and clean use on a MacBook Air ? best working Maschine Version on Mojave?

best regards!

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  • Astralbeats_225
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    Answer ✓

    Have you tried purging samples inside kontakt?

  • Milian919191
    Milian919191 Member Posts: 20 Member

    hey man,

    thank u for that. it works! do u have any idea why I didn't have this problem before?

  • Kubrak
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    8 GB RAM is not very much. Some Kontakt libraries are RAM eaters... If not enought RAM, content is swapped to disc. It makes things go rather slowly....

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