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Changing Maschine Pad Colors and Names in Keyboard Mode?

Martin Schmid
Martin Schmid Member Posts: 41 Sine
edited July 26 in Maschine

Is it possible to change the colors of pads on Maschine in Keyboard mode?

For example, instead of the keys indicating C1-D#2, let me name (and color) the keys according to a mapping like this (from Tapspace’s Virtual Drumline Kontakt instrument, SnareLine Manual (MW))

For example:

….and the pads themselves…

I realize that this is more what the Pad Mode is for, but for better integration w/ Kontakt instruments that may be mapped in a similar way, it would be far more intuitive to work with if there was a bit more flexibility in Maschine... seemingly everything is already there, just not in Keyboard mode!

Maybe I'm missing something, and there is another workflow to create an intuitive surface to work with such instruments?



  • Martin Schmid
    Martin Schmid Member Posts: 41 Sine
    edited July 28

    Oooohhh... I think this is all do able if using in MIDI mode, and using Controller Editor to configure everything. Will have a bit of a tinker, and report back!

  • Martin Schmid
    Martin Schmid Member Posts: 41 Sine

    Ah, yeah, this is great. I've now created templates for about 15% of what comes with Virtual Drumline (about 130 total)... here's one example... makes it far more intuitive and 'fun' to play.

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