Battery 3 missing on my system

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I purchased NI Komplete Ultimate, or maybe it's Collector. The tag line on your website at the time was literally "all our stuff." Ergo, I should have Battery 3.

Now, I don't want to use Battery 3. I want to use battery 4. But I have a lot of old files with Battery 3 in them. It would be pleasant not to have to click through the warnings that Battery 3 is not installed, and nicer still to be able to see which kit I was using.

Can this get fixed, please? It's pretty infuriating, not to mention directly contrary to the advertised content at the time, to have payed for "all your content" and to find that something so basic as this is not included.

Makes me not want to give you any more money, you know? Makes me feel ripped off. I assume that's not how you want people to feel when they buy your products.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey InvisibleFireball, welcome to our new community. Battery 3 was discontinued in 2013, this is why it's not part of our most recent bundles (since 2013). Please also note that Battery 3 might not run on most recent operating system. Maybe you had an older Komplete bundle on another account attached to another email that contained Battery 3, this could explain why you have projects with Battery 3. You can always check that with my colleagues from registration here:

    In the meantime, please note you can import your Battery 3 kits in Battery 4:

    How Can I Access the BATTERY 3 Library within BATTERY 4?

    If your system allows it you can even install Battery 3 from here, it will be in demo mode but should be enough to see what kit was used, save it and import it in Battery 4:

    Where Can I Download the BATTERY 3 Installer?

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    Battery 3 works perfectly fine on latest W10 (and I'm pretty sure it will also work on W11).

    Battery 3 can also still be authorized with Native Access, so that's nice too.

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    Hi Jeremy! Thanks for responding.

    Yeah I've owned versions of Komplete for many years, and as I said, the problem is that I cannot (because I did not notate the fact, I do realize) figure out which kit I was using in old projects.

    Now I ain't saying it's not fun to play with, but sometimes you just wanna get work done, and riffling through the soundsets hunting for something you haven't seen in years can be a pain in the arse when you're under the gun, no?

    Since there's no way for Battery 4 to read the info from an instance of Battery 3 (especially when, you know, it's not installed) there's no real solution for this short of including Battery 3 in NI Komplete. Which, after all, *is exactly why people buy Collectors, to get all the old stuff*, is it not?

    Anyway cheers, and thanks for the contact link, I'll drop em a line. And that demo is probably going to solve my problem, cheers for that too. Hey wait, that's just the normal installer, that's the same thing that won't let me install without a key. Doesn't work, bruh ;)

  • Simchris
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    Yes. To reinstall battery 3 you need your komplete serial number from the version that included battery 3. If you bought komplete recently, it will only include the current versions, not every old version. So, you dont get FM7 for example. Probably i am not helping.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    It seems that my colleagues were kind enough to add a Battery 3 serial on your account. Again Battery 3 is not in our bundles since Komplete 9, released in 2013, being a discontinued product and all.

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    Hi there,

    I'm also having a similar issue. I recently upgraded computers and installed Battery 4 only and have trouble opening my older sessions that still had Battery 3 kits. Because I also didn't name it properly, I'm unable to figure out which kit it is since it doesn't know to open as Battery 4.

    I'd love to be able to install Battery 3 on my computer, but unfortunately it doesn't come with my Komplete 13 Ultimate. Would I be able to get some help with this issue as well?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @okjohnho Have you tried the articles posted in this thread?

    This one could also be helpful: How to Access BATTERY 3 Kits via the BATTERY 4 and MASCHINE 2 Library Browser

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