Kontakt library content on multiple SSDs

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I have maxed out a 2TB SSD with my library content and would like to use another 2TB for the remaining content. Is that possible and if so, is it as simple as pointing the content to the second SSD and both SSDs will load their respective content into Kontakt? (I'm using Logic Pro fwiw.)


  • Kubrak
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    It is possible, I have it like that.

    I do not know, how NA2 works (I guess the same like NA1), but NA1 works like this:

    1) It places new installations to set installation path (e.g. disk 2).

    2) It installs updates of installed content to place where it is, regardless installation path set.

    So, you may direct new installations to new disc and do not have to fear, those already installed on disk 1 will eventually move to disc 2, if there is update.

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