Should I reinstall Expansions to a new computer? No "Relocate" option for expansions?

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Hi, all

I've been using M1Pro 16inch MacBook Pro where I installed my Komplete 13 UCE with sample libraries and Maschine expansions installed on the attached external SSD.

Recently I bought Mac Studio M1 Ultra, where I relocated the preinstalled libraries on the external SSD, one by one ( it was tedious but doable. Is there a way to do it all at once? I haven't found one.)

My real question here is how to relocate all the expansions (more than 70 in UCE, plus those I bought separately)

I couldn't find any option to relocate "expansions", but the sample libraries.

Should I reinstall every one of them again?

Is there a way to relocate expansions, not to download and install?




  • D-One
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    Officially the only way is to reinstall over the current installation which is quite annoying for that amount of expansions.

    Theres a hacky workaround tho, you have to trick NA into thinking the Expansions are installed on your new system, then it can offer you the relocate option. It's easy, I explain the process here:

  • sofiafile
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    Hi, D-One,

    I'll try your tip when I've got time.

    These days I've been too busy outdoors even to turn on my computer.


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