Any updates about not being able to link Beatport streaming to Traktor?

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I am finding multiple posts across Reddit, Facebook and this community about not being able to link Beatport streaming to Traktor 3 Pro (version 3.5.3 303). Unfortunately I am having the same issues (Windows 10). When I go to preferences -> streaming -> Beatport LINK -> login it forwards me to a link. When I login nothing happens. I tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge without luck.

Would love to see some updates about this topic (just purchased the S4 MK3 to play with streaming.



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    Not sure if this helps. I had to go to my backup applications and open previous version of traktor and sign in, then i could close that version and open the latest version of traktor and it worked?

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    Do you mean the following: I just checked this guide, unfortunately I do not have these backup files because it is my first installation of Traktor.

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    Here's some level of information from the Beatport support regarding issue with Link:

    "Hey, so we don’t think this is affecting all Windows users as we do see some evidence of users receiving new tokens with the Traktor Windows client. This is leading me to believe there might be something specific to these users local environment. Again working with our CS team as well to investigate further but wanted to relay this to you as well.Maybe some kind of 3rd party blocker, windows security defender or something of the sort you know?”

    We keep the investigation going on our side.

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    Thank you for looking into this issue. I do not think it is an issue on the users side. I managed to find a quick fix. This is what I did:

    1. I Googled 'download Traktor old version' and discovered Traktor Pro 3.5.1 on Filehorse.
    2. I installed this version. It was a full install (.exe file) and looked official. During the installation it asked me to downgrade Traktor to a previous version.
    3. When I started Traktor I was able to link Beatport to Traktor. I did receive a pop-up message when trying to link Beatport to Traktor.
    4. Everything is working perfectly in this older version.
    5. I decided to update Traktor to the latest version. The Beatport link was gone and I was not able to link it again. So no streaming in this version.
    6. Now I am just playing via the old version (the .exe in the back-up folder). It works perfectly.

    It looks like it is a bug in Beatport or the latest version in Traktor because I did receive the pop-up when trying the older version. Hope this help with finding the issue! :)

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    Checking in with the same issue here.

    Behaviour: When trying to link to Beatport, it redirects me to following URL (with some custom information about my client) . After entering my credentials and clicking the "login" button, it processes my information for 1 second and then returns to the login page. Repeated presses on the button don't work :). Exiting the browser window, and clicking the LINK button from Traktor Pro only shows a blank page. Unless you try to clear the browser history or use an inprivate window. Re-entering the credentials still does not work.

    Solutions tried,

    Don't have previous versions installed, so can't check those.

    Disabled all pop-up blockers on browser

    Disabled SmartScreen

    Enabled all site permissions for

    Added Traktor app to Windows Firewall (was not recognized automatically)

    Disabled following items in Windows Defender: Real-time protection, Cloud-delivered protection, tamper protection.

    Added c:\program files\native instruments to excluded folder from Defender Antivirus scans

    Disabled Windows Firewall

    Software version: Traktor Pro 3.53.303

    Windows Version: Windows 11 Enterprise 22H2 (build: 22622.436)

    Browser: Microsoft Edge 103.0.1264.62

    I am available to assist testing with my non-working environment.

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    Hi @dmai confirming that Beatport is having some API issues and they're working on it. I'll update you here once they release a fix.

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    I hit the same problem this weekend after rebuilding my laptop. It looks like Traktor isn't registering the protocol handler for the authentication token that get generated.

    I got round it by doing the following.

    1.Download this file at the bottom of this post and change the ext from .TXT to .REG

    2.Double click it to load the handler into the registry

    3.Then launch Firefox and go into settings

    4.Search for traktor. You should find it in the Appllications section

    5.Click the little downward arrow/triangle on the right and select 'User other'

    6.Browse to 'C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor Pro 3'

    7.Select 'Traktor.exe'

    Now when you click the login link for Beatport the authentication token will get handled correctly.

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