Kontakt: Disable 'save changes to instrument'

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Every time I have asked this, over many years, the response is, 'not currently available'. That implies it might be, if I bide my time and keep buying Native Instrument products. But it is never addressed, no workaround, no implementation of an alternative, no simple script. Check online, people find this irksome, auditioning and making temporary adjustments should not have to invoke this prompt IMHO. Please implement a change to this time-wasting error on closing an instrument, at least as an option. Thank you!


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @creativedialogue it's a safety feature so that's why there's no option to disable it but I understand your frustrations. I've tagged your post with feature request so we don't miss it.

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    It would be beneficial to be able to disable it.

    Think about it as safety feature for those who do not change patches and do not want overwrite stock patches by error.... There is probably many users who do not create their own patches and do not want to get overwritten the stock ones.....

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    I agree this is SO annoying. What about the users who don't want to save their random changes to Kontakt libraries?! And then the only solution is to re install the library! This will happen FAR FAR FAR more times then anyone who makes significant enough changes they actually want to alter the library forever but forget to save! This is SO backwards PLEASE fix this, at least make it OPTIONAL!!!!

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    You're in luck, because Kontakt 7 allows you to disable this in case when replacing instruments. Go to Options->Loading->[ ] Ask for confirmation when replacing modified instruments.

    Disable that checkbox. Go merry on your way and hug somebody.

    BTW this sort of behavior is not something that a script would ever be able to resolve, since it's a built-in file loading behavior KSP doesn't have any access to. Just so you know.

    auditioning and making temporary adjustments should not have to invoke this prompt IMHO

    I would disagree with this stance. The program doesn't know if you're just auditioning stuff or doing something else, so it is common sense to ask if you want to save your changes. ANY other program does it, too. Your word processor? Your image editor? Your video editor? It's standard behavior just about everywhere.

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    Feature request of the following option with a drop down menu to chose from:

    "Ask for confirmation when closing a modified instruments"

    • Yes (default option "Yes")
    • Yes (default option "No")
    • No (Never Ask)

    Alternatively, a changed instrument could have a visual cue instead, like a garbage bin in place of the closing X, so that the user knows beforehand that he's throwing changes away by pressing it.

    Reasoning: Even in a word processor you can open, scroll, close, repeat, through multiple documents without being asked if you want to save changes. That's because scrolling doesn't constitute a change. In Kontakt everything constitutes a change by design, so it becomes annoying real quick when your instruments require you to touch the mod wheel for example. DAWs and Kontakt are all about workflow in the context of music, where not making hard assumptions and letting the musician adjust the software to his workflow has been the norm. Also, musicians are used to go into a store without having a guy standing next to them asking if they now want to buy the instrument every time they pluck a string.

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