Problem with Traktor pro 3, Traktor Z2 mixer and beat sync and native access

Ben van Gosh
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Hi there

I using my Traktor pro 3 since it is on the market.

I have a Mac Book pro with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 / 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5. My current version of Traktor Pro 3 is 3.5.2 299 and Traktor Z2 Mixer.

To my problems:

First: Sync and beat match with Traktor Pro 3 and Z2

More or less since two weeks, I have problems with mixing in internal mode and sync.

Each track which I have bought from Beatport (mp3) and I made the upload to Traktor is analyzed if I use the button it set the first cue point correctly but when I beginning with mixing and press sync to get the same BMP and beat match, it is not in the same tempo and not on beat. I don not understand why because I do not have changed my settings on my Macbook or Traktor pro 3 or Z2. I do not know why I cannot mixing in internal mode with Z2 as controller anymore. Its a pain. I have also uploaded some tracks, which I have the problem with, but in fact, I have it probably with all in my database.

Also a screenshot that I have the settings with tempo sync, but I have checked with beat sync, same problem

Second Native Access

Also I cannot update my Traktor pro 3 to the latest version because native access says update fail. I have checked the help section and found a post and did what is written done, but native access cannot download the update.. I have reinstalled native access to the latest version but same issue. See attached screenshot


  • Gareth Lovett
    Gareth Lovett Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Hi, I am having the same problem I think. It started about a week ago. Have you been able to solve the beat match/sync issue?

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