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Iown a Maschine mikro mk3 and a komplete S49 and I want to know if this workflow is possible:

I have a pattern with midi notes, and I want to toggle step while it is playing. An example video:

In the video at 2minutes, you can see him playing and toggling steps. When I do it in maschine, he doesn’t toggle it just delete the note and if I press the step again on the pad it adds the root note. What I would like is a sequence of steps and jam like he does with muting/unmuting notes

Is it possible with maschine?



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    For instruments? No, Maschine has no "Note Mute" or "disabled steps" so pressing the Pads will not only remove them but also reset their note.

    You can hold a Step/Pad to record Step-Modulation and then change it's output volume to zero (in Channel/MIDI> Sound> Output) but if your instrument has built-in FX you end up muting the step but not the FX tail... It's also a bit impractical to use modulation to enable/disable Steps as it requires too much navigation 🤷‍♂️

    If you're using Pad Mode then you can use regular Mutes I guess, but since those cant be recorded it's only useful for performing.

    There might be some workaround but I am not aware.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    The only "smooth" workflow I can think of is duplicate pattern, and then remove the note I want to, and switch between pattern, but it's not as fast as just disabling step.

    Maybe in a future version? I would love to manipulate step of instrument (group etc) ^^

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