It's time for a 4 channel mixer

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NI has a huge population of house music, compare to scratch dj. I know the Z2 is very affordable, but I have not seen a Z2 user beside Dj Qbert Dj Shifty or DJ Craze. Battle DJs are great, but house DJ and EDM is been the money maker. I think it's time for a 4channel to be in the market, able to control remix deck and input all the NI hardware as well. Like Audio 4 but with mixer capable and remix control. I think this is something producer and house dj can really appreciate. An integrated 4 channel mixer audio interface/plugin maschine or other NI hardware. NI Z4


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    I think the S8 comes pretty close to what you are looking for, down to the standalone mixer capability. Sold mine a while back to focus on turntablism but it was a beast for mix gigs - even did a few weddings.

    DJ Controllers : Traktor Kontrol S8 | Traktor (

    I'd love to see a Z4 but S8 comes pretty close, or a Z2 and a couple of D2 decks, which I have seen live used to great effect.

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