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I really like Session Guitarist because there are so many rhythms, ARPs, and strums that are ready to use right away.

So, can Native Instruments launch Session Synth?

Because a lot of modern music requires electronic sounds, and not electronic music, the rhythm of Synth is different. I want Session Synth to drag and drop out midi based on chord progression. For example, the chord progression I input in the DAW's PIANO ROLL is C-F-G-C, I click play, and then Session Synth can be recorded. After recording, I drag and drop it out, and I can see the MIDI of this chord progression, and I can edit it again.

Similarly, in addition to ARP, Session Synth also contains CHORD rhythm, because different music types have different rhythms.

Similarly, I also hope to launch Session PIANO, or even Session DRUM

Currently, there is only Session Guitarist, which is not enough. Ha ha



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    I mean, there is already Abbey Road Drummer, Session Percussionist, Noire, Una Corda.

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    Maybe because they have wider sound you want them to make Session Synth, but here is an alternative!

    Open 2 synth instruments, one for the Left and one for the Right ear.

    Then experiment with the effects.

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