Traktor Kontrol Z2 has been discontinued!

Knivshult Member Posts: 20 Helper

Traktor Kontrol Z2 has been discontinued! is there anything new coming? If so, what end when?!



  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,701 admin

    Don't think there are plans for a new version atm sorry!

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 258 Pro

    ^1000 times this.

    Unless, there’s an NI Battle Mixer in development?!?

    Dare to dream, right?

  • Mutis
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    Traktor grow over the “hardware as dongle for dvs” model with their dedicated hardware. After openning the dvs compatibility to any audio interface chances of developing a dedicated mixer are probably near to zero. Rumour about selling Traktor to A&H (or behringer) floated before Soundwide adcquisition but with Traktor Plus subs model isn’t clear the future of Traktor (for Soundwide/NI themselves IMHO)

    Could it be possible a new mixer or hardware? My amswer will be “if Traktor 4…” but even so, the moment you open the can of worms you can’t go back…

    Look at Rane and legacy drivers drama (part blame on inMusic adcquisition part on AS transition and no money for old hardware updates…)

    Nowadays the safest bet is Pioneer or Numark but at the same time AS transition is showing how wrong was x86 dependency on djing field with apps like Djay Pro getting all the features at the palm of your hand meanwhile desktop can follow the development of drivers and only Vdj catching the wave…

    Battlemixer? Modern: Pio; old: Anything analog…

    but the trend are motorized standalones: S4mk3, Rane One, Pio Rev7…

  • Frank2022
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    Since the z2 is discontinued. Is there by any chance the schematics, or even better, the service manual can be made public ?

    just a matter of sustainability.. I have a problem with noise on the right audio channel that I would like to repair.

  • Distinctly Identical
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    Sooo... you made those anniversary timecode vinyls, but no hardware for DVS?

  • DJ Ground
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    i think DVS DJs must go other route, because the main focus of N.I. is selling Sound Packs and Maschine Stuff (great stuff). Anything else just dont work. Im still using traktor, because i dont need more "new" functionality in a DVS Software.

    The problem is that any mixer that doesnt work in internal mode, cant use all the advantages of the software.

    The DJM S9 works fine, but i personally use an Omnitronic CMX 2000 in internal mode (Mic doesnt work, but who cares). This setup is 1000 times better than the Z2 and it has way more midi controls and full postfader fx (Innofader of course). A friend of mine use his Rane 70 and it works well, but with the rane fx (it sucks not to be able to use the traktor fx.).

    So, at the end traktor DVS is dying "like always" slowly and painfully.

    But i still like it. :D



  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    What other route?

  • Damien King
    Damien King Member Posts: 10 Member

    The Omnitronic cmx 2000 (aka voxoa m70) must be one of the most under rated mixers of all time. my old one is starting to play up,a few of the pointemeters are getting glitchy... But I Finally managed to track another one down and it's on the way to me.

  • DJ Ground
    DJ Ground Member Posts: 11 Member

    Hi, i mean, use another mixer and/or use other software :).

  • Tgmilano
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    I too have been getting a "noise" error on right channel turntable with the Z2 pretty much since forever. Is there a "Traktor" interface to bypass for off brand mixers?

  • Mr. Diamond
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    Make your software plug n play compatible with different hardware. Especially since your moving to subscription base traktor.

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