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Does anyone know how to restore Traktor Pro 2 from a Time Machine back-up?

I understand the principle, click on the file you want to recover and off you go. But which one? And where is it?

I've searched for information but I haven't found anything specific and I'm not feeling confident.

Scenario: I was at my gig two days ago. I had to do a restart on my mac. When I opened Traktor ALL of my playlists (including folders) were gone. NOTHING!

I have imported history playlists however I need all of my folders and the playlists contained within each.

I need to restore a previously saved version of Traktor from a few days before my gig. Hopefully, ALL of my playlist folders etc will be there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Kaldosh
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    Had a similar issue with another NI software with the introduction of Native access 2. You’d rather restore your entire system with Time Machine since your software preferences files and more probably everywhere on the computer. When I tried to do a targeted backup as you suggested it didn’t work for me so I restored the entire system booting in recovery mode , starting Time Machine from there and restored to a date where everything was fine and avoided any updates after that and tried to figure out what messed things up. I have an intel computer and some updates including M1 configs messed things up in my preferences files as well. On another hand if you don’t want to backup, those playlists files must be in a previous backup that you might find at the correct date and you can copy paste them in the appropriate folder

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