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I had the plan to use an old Laptop with Win8 x86, Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GB RAM with Traktor Pro 2 x86, with no internet connection, just for traktor to play some music, connected with a hercules rmx dj console.

I installed Traktor Version 2.11 which I stored years ago as the last version for x86 computers.

But unfortunately I am not able to activate my Traktor licence, the offline activation per html request file is not more available. The online activation can only be done with Native Access Version 2 and this one is only available for x64 OS.

Is there any way to activate my traktor pro 2 x86?

I have also a Traktor Pro 3 licence and also I have newer hardware, but that's not what I want to use.

Many thanks in advance



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    You may download legacy Native Access 1 that runs under Win7 and Win8.

    The only question is, how well Traktor will run on Core 2 Duo CPU. Moas probably not very well.....


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