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I have made a mod of an ensemble in order to map midi notes to my yamaha DTX drum pad.

It works great except when the instrument is opened for the first time in Mainstage all the notes mapped do a "test" sound. The workaround is to step through each Mainstage scene to get the test notes out the way before the gig starts. I'd like to sort this but I don't know how.

I'd happily pay someone who knows what they're doing to mod it for me.

Any takers?


  • mpl
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    It sounds like an initialisation problem,ie some modules send out events when first loaded and it is this that will be triggering your sounds,They can be tricky to track down, event watcher is a very useful tool in the hunt for these thing is post the ens here so someone can look at it.

    good luck

  • Triode
    Triode Member Posts: 14 Member

    Hi mpl

    I think I have found the problem. I removed some wires labeled "AT on" which I removed and now everything works. Hooray!

  • Michael O'Hagan
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    "AT On" probably means aftertouch on, so if you plan on using aftertouch when you play this might be a problem.

  • Triode
    Triode Member Posts: 14 Member

    I think it was for "Note On Auto Test" which was written on the panel. Thanks anyways

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