Unable to double-click on BPM in Wave Editor to manually key-in the value

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Hi, I have an .nki which I've been working on for a few months. I can click and drag to change the value of zone's BPM, but when I double-click to attempt to manually key-in the value, nothing happens. If I create a new instrument from scratch, there is no issue with this at all. I am using the latest version of Kontakt(6.7.1).

Another related question: Is it true that samples can contain Tempo information that Kontakt reads and applies to the zone's BPM upon import? Can someone share how I might incorporate this information into my samples when saving them from my audio editor?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @EvilDragon maybe something for you? :)

  • Alcot60890
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    I ended up re-making the instrument from scratch and am no longer dealing with the BPM double-click issue. Maybe it was just an obscure bug in Kontakt I discovered. :)

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