Driver audio 4 dj Macbook m1 Monterey

djdoublem Member Posts: 1 Noise

Does anyone know if audio 4 dj drivers will be released with macbook pro M1?


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  • Valentin Cristescu
    Valentin Cristescu Bucharest, RomaniaMember Posts: 6 Sine
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    As far as I know only audio 6 works with M1 pro. I have an M1 pro 14 and it works very well

    Search here:

  • TeLLy
    TeLLy CanadaMember Posts: 71 Tri

    Since the Audio4DJ was discontinued in 2016/2017 there have been no new drivers for it even for Intel Macs, though there are supposedly workarounds to get it running on later macOS versions.

    Chances are next to nil there will be new drivers made available or even old drivers made to work for A4DJ on the M1 architecture. Best to grab a recent soundcard, be it NI or otherwise, that is M1 and Monterey compatible - Traktor no longer needs NI-branded or certified hardware to run timecode.

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