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Hey all, hoping for some help, I use komplete audio 6 with logic, I record guitar and vocals mainly with a bit of machine in there also, I’ve noticed that after about 30 mins of use I start to hear crackles and pops when I sing or strum, then it gets progressively worse over the next minute. I then have to disconnect the interface and start again, then the cycle starts again, 30 mins later, crackles and pops

any suggestions?




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    Hi, i will try these ideas and let you know! thanks.

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    I have noticed the same issue more broadly, in the case of both recording and playback. After some period of time, the audio starts to break up with crackles and pops. Disconnecting and reconnecting the Komplete Audio 6 USB device resolves the issue for the time being. The type of sound artifacts are consistent with the audio buffer running empty.

    It's difficult to narrow down, but it's likely a combination of the Komplete Audio 6 asio driver and my laptop CPU being put under load and the performance of the laptop's USB controller - laptops in particular are notorious for real-time audio performance issues.

    Increasing the Komplete Audio 6 audio buffer size all the way up to 1024 samples and a setting the USB buffer to 2ms was enough to make the issue mostly go away. I have never 100% made it go away, however, so if it does occur, I just disconnect and reconnect the Komplete Audio 6.

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