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Well I'm about to buy another bit of kit and I've been searching for the elusive All in one Dawless purchase. Can Maschine+ fill the gap? The reviews aren't real positive. CPU and RAM seem to be the problem? The old crackle and pop performance issues. I also saw the news of the huge amount of staff being laid off (potential development issues?)

What does the future hold? Is there any rumours of a new Maschine +2 with adequate cpu power, ram (expandable), large ssd capacity, NI cloud to store/backup/share templates/projects/presets? A potential hdmi port for a external monitor? (like the Roland MV 8800). The possibility of using VSTs? Touch screen with the possibility to draw automation? Apologies if some of these have been implemented in recent releases.

Any news?




  • Tony Jones
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    NI never shares roadmaps, so no idea on the future.

    It's true the company has had development team 'changes' and a change of management, so you might be safest to assume no next step with current products until they get Mac M1 / VST 3 under control (and a host of other, regular topics on the forum).

    I don't have M+, but like you have gleaned it seems a little underspecified. I take it you've discounted MPC and Roland Verselab?

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    Yeah I've been looking at all the options. I'm leaning towards at MPC live2, however it seems the internal synth engines are not very strong (they've just released a few new ones with the mpc keys). Also the cpu in the Akai have been around for a while now. The other factor is that I've used Maschine in the past and the learning curve won't be as steep.

    Verseverb. I'm just looking at it now. Thanks for the tip.

    I just find it hard to believe that NI have really dropped the ball with this one. They have the potential to blow away the market with a very strong product.

  • Mutis
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    That M+ mk2 you wish from your initial post will never happen.

    If you aren’t in hurry wait until Apple Silicon transition ends and what is already available at that point of time in standalone field as it seems your choice.

    If you are in hurry then look different options as Verselab alongside the most reviews of anything at youtube to see it something fits your expectation/needs but take a chair and patience. Things are pricey and there isn’t “one” doing everything. Also “worth it” is very subjective…

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