VST 3 Support - Steinberg discontinue VST 2

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Steinberg are ramping up their campaign to get rid of VST 2, we have less than 2 years remaining until it will no longer be supported in Cubase:


What are NI's plans for making their instrument plugins support VST 3 and Apple Silicon?

Using myself as an example, I use Battery 4 extensively, and others NI synths like Absynth, FM8 and Massive as well as Reaktor-based synths to a lesser extent. I'm starting to think I should not use these plugins in new projects, if there is not a clear support path. I don't want to end up in a situation where I can't take fixes and new features from Steinberg / Apple.

I't be happy to buy a new version of Komplete if it contained M1/VST-3 versions of all my NI instrument plugins. OTOH if this doesn't come available soon, I'll be forced to stop using NI products.

Is there some roadmap or public commitment from NI for people who share these concerns, to help put the mind at ease?



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    A lot of NI's plug-ins are already available as VST3 - here's a list:


    It simply takes time to convert VST2 to VST3, but NI is steadily working on it.

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    From another topic:

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    June 27

    Some news!

    The team shared with us that we are moving ahead with VST3 and are actively implementing VST3 support for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. The decision was made to implement VST3 support for all third party VST3 plugins. The timeline is still under consideration but it seems we’re aiming for a public release in the next 3 - 4 months (with enough time for a beta for those on centercode). Native compatibility for Apple Silicon will come along with it.

    We’ll keep you updated whenever we hear more about the progress.

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    Make it shorter.

    VST3 and Apple Silicon (M1/M2) native compatibility should come in 3-4 months (end of September/October).

    It may be coincidence, but around that time is to be expected also Komplete 14, if NI will keep on 2 year's release pattern.....

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    This is a helpful update, thank you. I'll keep an eye out in the autumn...

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