VST3 support for NI instruments and effects

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All our plug-ins will get updated to support the VST3 format, there are already quite a few already. You can check the full list in this article which is updated regularly:

VST3 Compatibility of Native Instruments Plug-ins


  • AndiW.
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    i tried every hint here to get my presets in massive and massive x!

    still no presets, any special tip

    mac ventura, komplete 14, logic pro x

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @AndiW. I saw you made a dedicated post, I answered there as this is totally unrelated to VST3.

  • Rob Gee
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    When is Maschine FX getting a VST3 version?

  • PascalHP HSMR
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    Silly question, what is the difference between VST2 and VST3?

    Is due to a technical evolution, or to a more drastic selection for a better selection of more reliable products.

    Thank you in advance.  

  • Milos
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    Diferrences from my point of view.

    VST2:older, but more compatable and easier to use. Also, requiers little to no CPU.

    VST3: newer, bit more complicated,takes up more memory compared to VST2 and it has advanced MIDI and automation features.

  • Sunborn
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    Sorry, but it is almost the opposite!

    The biggest improvement of the VST3 plug-in is that it doesn't waste CPU resources and only works when it detects the presence of an audio signal, unlike VST2, which remains active at all times.

    For the user, this means an opportunity to use a bigger number of plugins without overloading the system.

    There are many more though. Some of the most noticeable features introduced in VST3 are:

    • Better performance. VST3 applies processing power only when there are audio signals coming in their respective inputs.
    • Multiple dynamic inputs and outputs. This means VST3 plug-ins adapt dynamically to the channel configuration it’s inserted in. For example, if you are editing in stereo, the plug-in will adjust itself for 2 channels. But if you then choose to switch to surround, the plug-in will switch to 6 channels.
    • More flexible control of VST plugins through remote controllers. The ability to control a DAW and its plugins remotely is becoming more and more popular. VST3 offers much more flexible control to remote controllers.
    • Audio inputs for VST instruments. It’s now possible to route audio data into a VST3 instrument.
    • Multiple MIDI inputs and outputs. Unlike VST2, a VST3 plug-in can have more than one MIDI input or output connected at the same time.


  • Milos
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    I agree with you mostly, Unborn.

    VST3 indeed is improved but slightly complicated, and in the way that it is nearly impossible, but that is a bit more complex.

    That does not mean it is very hard.

  • Sunborn
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    it is Sunborn, not Unborn! If you want to use my name, please do it right, otherwise please don't.

  • Milos
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    Sorry, mistyped it.

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