Everything just seems so un-prepared..

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I just wanted to share my thoughts.. Now pushing all the current work aside, I want to focus on the work ahead. I feel like NI software is mediocre software posing as great software. This is by no means a reason for argument but a search for solutions. I have been using Traktor Pro for about 20 years now and have S5, S8, and S4MK3 controllers and have created a few personal Masterpieces and a lot of ‘just pieces’. I usually always record my sessions and as I listen to my work throughout my timeline, I’m able to hear the progression of my work. Every single day becomes a new and better version of myself and I have NI to thank for that. Meanwhile the past few years have been really hard emotionally and financially for everyone. And as I’m writing this I almost feel like I should just stop and let things happen as their supposed to, but my thoughts are valid.

As I navigate through the community which I read everyday, It’s hard to absorb all the uncertainty.

Software with compatibility issues, betas that do more harm than good, frustrated people, and creativity being lost due to whatever the case may be. I don’t feel NI has a strong software leadership. One software gets more focus than another and some just waiting for someone to even notice at all. I don’t feel a team of people that focus on one things. It seems like everybody’s fingers are in everybody’s pies And no one really knows for certain if what they contribute is even gonna work. I’m not sure how NI runs behind the scenes but I don’t feel that it’s running like the well oil machine it should be. I think every product should have its own design team where they strictly focus on making that product the best product it can be So when it’s time to release the product there is no question it is released to it’s greatest ability of that time. When there’s no second guessing that whatever is being put out will be amazing. I would rather wait for something great then having to constantly update this and update that because of flaws that could’ve been avoided just by taking the time to investigate the problem and correct it. All of the tools I use to create music are necessities therefore I’m very demanding on those tools I choose. I will always be loyal to NI and I hope that maybe I said some thing here that could help improve something or anything. Thanks for listening.. Here’s to the future of our creativity!


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    It is difficult to please all, I guess. One wants to have a stream of updates, gradual development, other occassional leaps.... One wants this, another something other, or even oposite..... And now, not tomorrow...

    And on top of that, two years of COVID, war in Ukraine, new owner, new group structure....

    Betas are here to fine tune things and find and repair bugs.... So, it is natural betas have flaws and bugs....

    Maybe it would be interesting to hear, what features do you miss in Traktor....

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    Well, first, there are a handful of us that aren't impatient, difficult or insensitive about any of it and even if you are, it doesn't matter. I would hope that people have better things to do. But if your 'better things to do' consist of music and being creative, then it's hard NOT to take notice of things that seem to lack luster. My post did not come out of anger or disappointment or desperation; just an observation. And your right, it would be more interesting to hear about features and what not, but it's the features that have issues not the people using it.

    It is what it is.

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    What features do have problems in latest release? Not the beta, which may have issues by definition....

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