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Maschine MK2 scene playback issue

lucidhiphop Member Posts: 3 Noise

I've been trying to solve this super simple issue for hours and this is my last resort. On the newest version of the MK2 software (I'm on iOS) I cannot figure out how to simply playback all of my scenes together. It only loops one scene at a time. Most of the solutions online are years old - I've tried SELECT + RESTART and no luck. I've messed with just about every interface icon there is and can't get anywhere.


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  • 6xes
    6xes Member Posts: 125 Tri

    this switch toggles between scene/song mode & the patterns mode

    in scene mode you establish all your patterns you wish to trigger

    your scenes in scene/song mode progress from left to right.. in the sequence you lay them..

    youll figure it out!! *winks

    good luck!

  • bzyboy
    bzyboy Member Posts: 30 Sine

    If you are in song mode and it's still looping make sure you do not have the "loop" setting turned on. It's turned on in the image below:

  • lucidhiphop
    lucidhiphop Member Posts: 3 Noise

    so this is making sense to me but if I already made a bunch of patterns in scene mode it seems like I can't use them in song mode? I have to start a pattern in song mode in order to use it there?

    for example, i have a sample pattern and a drum pattern in scene mode, but in song mode I can only add empty clips

  • bzyboy
    bzyboy Member Posts: 30 Sine
    edited July 8 Answer ✓

    If you right click in the box with the "+" you can then choose a scene to enter in that slot

    Here's a link to a video by Jef Gibbons that you might find helpful:

  • lucidhiphop
    lucidhiphop Member Posts: 3 Noise

    many thanks!!! I got it now finally. They complicated the original setup quite a bit but I understand

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