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Call me old fashioned but I have 2 x 1210's i have just dug out the loft. I'm looking into my midlife crisis and am keen to get back to doing some mixing and having the physical presence of vinyl (as well as the fact i have lots of vinyl)

timecoded vinyl seems to be the answer, linked to my PC just for messing around at home.

I sold my mixer years ago, cost is an issue for me. But i think the following would work and i am asking for someone who has a clue to advise!

Behringer NOX101 mixer

2 x turntables.

Traktor Scratch audio with its external soundcard.

This is where i get stuck, the web page as glamourous as it looks, doesn't seem to tell me how i use my own mixer.

Does the mixer plug into the sound card as well?

Does that set up even work?

Can you drop a timecoded out and put a pressed vinyl in, mixing to the timecoded on the other deck?

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  • Jon Watte
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    The Traktor Scratch 6 setup comes with a Traktor Audio interface. The Traktor Audio interface says:

    The TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 forms the heart of your DVS setup – with two stereo inputs to connect your turntables, and two stereo outputs if you want to route each TRAKTOR deck to a mixer. There’s also a main stereo output if you’re mixing everything within TRAKTOR, and a main stereo input you can use for anything you like.

    So, yes, the Traktor Audio works as a sound card. From reading this, I assume that you can either run two stereo signals (A and B) to your own mixer, or mix inside the computer (presumably with some USB control surface like the Z1) and run stereo out already mixed (and presumably with effects, EQ, and so on from the computer.)

    Given that the NOX101 is half the price of the Z1, it sounds like you'll want to go with the former option -- A and B outs, into analog mixer.

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