Switching between KK tracks in DAW (Ableton)

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New KK S61 owner, I've been trying to stay hands on hardware as much as possible. But if I have multiple KK tracks in Ableton, it seems not possible to record arm from the keyboard? I can mute/solo/move the highlighted one via the Mixer view, but not arm for input or change the plugin view on the screens to match it. I have to arm via another Akai device and worse, get the plugin up on the mini screens by opening the plugin window in Ableton then clicking the small keyboard icon.

Am I missing something?


  • JesterMgee
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    Tracks should be "auto arming" when you select them for recording and also, the KK plugin should also auto-focus on the keyboard screen.

    What does your MIDI preference page look like in Ableton (screenshot)?

  • Gherk
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    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you taking time to help. Good to know that's how it's supposed to work. Here's my MIDI setting, I don't think I changed anything after plugging in the keyboard.

  • JesterMgee
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    Deselect this port, it is a DAW port and should not be going to track:

    Setup a simple test:

    • Delete all but 1 track and just add the KK plugin on this track.
    • Open the CONFIGURE for the plugin and you should see a parameter already there "NIKBxx"
    • Duplicate this track 2 more times and you should note this "NIKBxx" parameter increments the number
    • Open all instances of this KK plugin and have them so you can see the keyboard icon of each one
    • Use the encoder to switch tracks in Live and check if the keyboard focus changes instances as it should. Also that track focus is occurring

    Example video of what should happen. using the encoder to switch tracks you will see each instance grabs focus automatically. Pretty sure the fact the DAW port is set for track input is screwing this up.

  • Gherk
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    Thanks again for the reply. It ended up working as you described but only with the KK VST plugin, not VST3, oh well. On the plus side amidst faffing to get this working I uncovered the Maschine integrations so now it's like I have a proper one, not just a Mikro, as well as a fantastic keyboard.

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    Have you been able to get the 4D encoder to move the playhead in arrangement view? All it does for me is move the arrangement insert marker meaning I can’t control the start position without using the mouse

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