How friendly are NI regarding refund/price match?

Mikael Jensen
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So without crying for sympathy, lol.

I broke my piggy bank to buy K13 select 6-6 and K13 upgrade 8-6, and noticed through my loyalty offer on izotope that I could actually get Komplete 13 for 199 euro as a loyalty offer (100 euro cheaper than what I bought it for here).

I can see theres a refund support which I have contacted, but should I expect getting refunded or price matched, so I could get it on Izotope instead? I mean its not like I want to leave the eco system, I would just love to save some few bucks.

I have send a ticket, just did, on the 13th day of purchase, and they do have a refund support page.


  • JesterMgee
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    I had a similar issue years ago. I was working with some friends on some film projects and desperately needed some additional basic horn/string content and ended up buying Komplete 8 Ultimate at the time, before the days of Native Access so had to wait for the order... Unlucky for me I was hit with import tax and had to pay a further $160 to get it out of holding. Now I bought at full cost and 2 weeks after I received it there was a 50% off sale.

    I felt gutted at the time because of the extra cost and it was a really hard decision to make so I wrote to NI customer support and they were fantastic in my case. They sympathised and since I purchased direct from them they offered me a refund for the sale difference so a 50% refund. This is the reason 11 years later I am still here, as much as the progress of KK development frustrates me, their service has been exceptional over the years so I stick around and help out where I can.

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