Poly step Attack tab

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Im trying to edit the polystep with an amp attack tab.

Basically if the tab slider is up, rise the attack other wise make it stay down to 0.

Please let me know if anyone can help.

Download the whole code if needed since its "too long" for the forum.

on ui_control (%Test)
    $a := 0
    while ($a < 16)
        set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_ATTACK,%Test[0 + ($cur_track * 0) + 0],0,0,-1)
    end while
end on

on ui_control ($Steps)
    %cur_preset[192 + $cur_track] := $Steps

    set_table_steps_shown(%VelDisplay, $Steps)
    set_table_steps_shown(%PitchDisplay, $Steps)
    set_table_steps_shown(%Test, $Steps)
end on

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