Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk2 Left Pitch Fader Not Responding At All.

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I got a used S2 Mk2 and the left pitch slider is completely dead. I tried recalibration and everything else I can think of. Any other ideas of what the problem could be? It is showing zero activity with the midi icon on the top of Traktor Pro. Every other control seems to be working just fine. I'd hate to toss this thing and lose $$.



  • Uwe303
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    and sorry for the late reply, then the fader seems to be defective. Maybe you know someone with a soldiering iron and some knowledge about electronics (risk to loose it completely),give it to him and he can repair it or you try it without that fader and autosync. Map another encoder is not a good idea cause the pitchfaders normally have 14 bit resolution. One option could be to set the right pitchfader to focus, so it controls the deck in focus but i don´t know if that is possible with the s2 mk2. If you add it under devices you can also add a user template, so maybe here you can do something.

  • goslin23
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    This was resolved through RMA. It seems my S2 was defective and I got a replacement.

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