My installation got borked and can not re-install

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So i just spend quite a bunch of ours trying to fix this and i am getting pretty angry at this point. Here is what happened:

  • I have been using Komplete 10 since ages and without issues
  • Yesterday when launching Cubase 12 it crashed on loading any of my projects when trying to load Tracks with Kontakt
  • I fired up Native Access to find out that all of the products show as missing / relocated
  • None of the options (repair, relocate) etc. worked and it seems that indeed the content was gone. However that would happen as i installed to my c: drive. On which the Windows is running that i am typing from so i can confirm it is still there

From there i went through the hassle of trying to wipe and re-install. A rough overview:

  • I uninstalled everything through Add/Remove Programs as Native access does not offer that
  • I searched my harddrive for anything Native Intstruments (inkl. NI and other short hands)
  • I used the registry cleaner tool posted in the knowledgebase to wipe the registry

No matter what. Some products install fine, most show as "Demo". When installing through Native Access it installs fine and then stalls at "activating" forever.

I tried the pinned tip ( Tips: My products are showing up as DEMO in Native Access — Native Instruments Community (

That folder does not exist and it seemingly never did. I tried creating it but it did not change anything. I also searched my harddrive for a ras3 folder to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ryan_NI
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    hey @instinct-vfx - this sounds like a case for our support team - I've created a ticket for you, you should receive an email from us soon. let me know if you have any questions.

  • instinct-vfx
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    Thanks Ryan

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