How to make different groups respond differently to CC64?

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This is a problem I haven't worked out the solution for. I have group 0 and group 1. I want group 0 to not be controlled by CC64 (not by default), while group 1 to be controlled by CC64 (just as default). I thought of 2 different ways:

  1. Only bypass group 0's response to CC64 using 'SET_CONDITION (NO_SYS_SCRIPT_PEDAL)'. But this command seems to only work on all-groups level.
  2. Send CC64=0 to group 0 only, and send normal CC64 to group 1. I considered ignoring the incoming CC64 first and then use 'set_controller', but could not set different controllers for different groups.

Could you point me a solution? Thanks!


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    You would need to script your own sustain pedal handling (after you disable system script for pedalling). You'd first play group 0 on its own and mark it either with event par, then deal with those events only in "on release" and "on controller" callbacks. Then you also play just group 1 and don't touch it in those other callbacks.

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