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We definitely need to easily edit Program and Bank Change in Maschine Plus standalone!

TheLoudest Member Posts: 110 Advisor
edited May 2022 in Maschine

For those who work with external midi devices it's really essential! 🙏🙏🙏

Maschine+ could be a great sequencer at the center of a midi setup but the lack of this feature is a real dealbreaker for this use... :(

I'm not sure where exactly this could be implemented (I guess at the pattern level it would be nice… In order to have the possibility to have a different preset for each pattern)

but I know it could be very handy to have a screen where we can just enter three digits for PC, MSB and LSB messages (Program Change, CC#0 and CC#32)

and save them with the project

so that we can retrieve all these settings when we load a project 🙏


  • jeblo
    jeblo Member Posts: 7 Member

    You can create your own MIDI CC mappings for external instruments in the Maschine Software using Macros.

    Then save it as a SOUND and transfer it to the MAS+.

    It's not possible to use 14bit (MSB/LSB) or Program Change on a Macro, though.

    Maschine comes with some prebuilt templates that can be found in Browse/Sounds/external instruments

  • TheLoudest
    TheLoudest Member Posts: 110 Advisor

    Hi Jeblo

    I am aware of Midi CC mapping import but I don't see how it can solve my problem here... could you explain?

    Also, you mention "Maschine software", but I'm on Maschine+... so I'm only working in standalone mode (I haven't even installed the software yet..)

    and finally you say this is not possible for MSB/LSB and Program Change so... again, how does this address my issue?


  • jeblo
    jeblo Member Posts: 7 Member

    Obviously, you need to install the Maschine software on a Mac/PC to create the SOUNDS (that have MIDI CCs assigned to MACROS), as this is not possible on the standalone MAS+.

    In this use case the Maschine software acts as an "Editor" for your SOUNDS. You could also use the software to apply TAGS to SOUNDS and SAMPLES, as this is also not (yet) possible on the MAS+ directly.

    There is no solution MSB/LSB and Program Change, unfortunately

  • starcorp
    starcorp Member Posts: 20 Member
    edited January 2022

    unfortunately it's like @jeblo it says, you have to take the detour via the templates for external instruments in the maschine software and then transfer them to the M+.

    it´s a pain in the ass for Years...

  • TheAndroid
    TheAndroid Member Posts: 15 Member

    I've digged a little bit around this. Even if you setup macros with Program Change and Bank Select at the Sound level, Maschine won't resend the selected values when the project is loaded.

    This means you can't initialize your external hardwares automatically, with the presets you want for the project.

    I'm not even talking about having a different preset on different patterns, just one per project. It just doesn't work.

    For a standalone device, which should be the center of a setup given its specs and target usage, it's something very annoying. I'm surprised this feature is still not there after +10 years 😥

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 556 Guru
    edited May 2022

    Here's my workaround for dealing with program and bank changes on Maschine+.

    I have created a simple sound preset with Macros for Bank Change MSB, Bank Change LSB, Program Change and Volume (CC7). The ordering of these macros is important, you will run into issues if bank changes are not listed/sent before the program change value.

    I load this sound in Maschine+ for every MIDI target that needs program and bank changes, then set their MIDI output port and channel in the channel output settings.

    Next, I create two lock states, one with all the program and bank values as "0" and another with the desired bank and program change messages. I need to create the 0 state lock because Maschine will not resend parameter values which have not changed, so flipping between these 0 values and intended values will force resending of the correct program&bank changes.

    Once all this is done and saved into the project, I just need to jump between the two lock states (first the one with 0 values, followed by the one with the intended vaules) once before playing back the project and I'm good 👍

    This workaround is not ideal, but it's the best solution I have come up so far.

  • TheAndroid
    TheAndroid Member Posts: 15 Member

    Hi @tetsuneko, I hadn't thought about it but that's probably the most elegant way right now 👍️, I'll test it. Thanks.

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,232 Expert
    edited May 2022

    @tetsuneko do you think a Reaktor ensemble could be used to send the program change events? It could be loaded in a different Group and used to do just that when the sequencer starts.

    Just an idea, might be completely dysfunctional for various reasons…

    PS: … I think I just remembered why it wouldn’t work: Can’t route MIDI out of Reaktor (Maschine sees Reaktor as a consumer of MIDI events, not as provider)

  • TheAndroid
    TheAndroid Member Posts: 15 Member

    I tested the lock states tip yesterday : it's working well.

    I just created and saved a Sound with the Bank Select and Program Change macros, on the computer, which I exported to the M+. I think it could also act as a preset selector for your external hardware, by saving different versions of this sound with a different Bank + Program for each version ?

  • DeepThumb
    DeepThumb Member Posts: 169 Advisor
  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 556 Guru

    I don't do videos, so someone else will need to do this. Surely there's plenty of bored youtubers around, one of them could pick up the ball? 😉

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