S2 Mk3, should I?

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I fairly recently got into dabbling with DJ Controllers, been messing about with a Hercules DJControl Starlight for a few months and I am looking for something more sophisticated now. After doing plenty of research of the controllers out there within my budget I kinda set my heart on the S2 Mk3, as I really like the look of it, the jog wheel size, the simplicity of it too. As I am new to the DJ Controller scene, I was unaware of the issues Traktor/NI have been facing (the rate at which hardware is released and the ongoing issues I'm reading about regarding Traktor Pro 3 which I have not even used yet) and now I am aware of this it has cast some slight doubt in my mind and I am wondering whether I'm about to make the right choice or not with the S2 Mk3. Like I say I've set my heart on it now, but was also looking at controllers like the Reloop Ready as I wanted a compact controller, but then I saw the S2 Mk3 and felt it would be a better step up for me even though it was a little larger. I guess no matter what happens with the company, I'll still have a great controller with the S2 Mk3 which I'm sure I'll love using.

Another slight issue I have with the S2 Mk3, which is slightly contrary to what I've just said above, is that it was released so long ago, I wouldn't want to buy it if a Mk4 could be in the pipeline, but I appreciate this could either be non existent or be a long time off, in which case I'd be happy to get the S2 Mk3.

I could also be overthinking all of this (wouldn't be the first time) I literally only do mixes so I can listen to them in the car etc I've no aspirations to become a DJ for a living, Well not yet anyway




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    Go for it. Even if a Mk4 was released in the next year (Which I doubt), you could always sell it if you felt you needed too. You've nothing really to lose. Enjoy your mixes now.

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    I have a range of Traktor controllers and they're all great for different things. I have played gigs and run livestreams on the S2 Mk3 and it covers all the basics really well. You can even run it on a powerbank hooked up to an iPad running Traktor DJ2 and be in the middle of a field with no mains power. Go for it; for the cost and the included full Traktor Pro 3 license, it's a no brainer.

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