Installing Komplete Kontrol on Mac OS Sierra - 10.12.6

BallyhooBlaze Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
edited January 2022 in Native Access

I have an older MacBook that I use for live performances, I really only use MainStage anymore. I have an older OS on it - Sierra 10.12.6. I don't want to update and lose other software that I use that is not supported on newer OS. I'm able to download Native Access and install successfully, I'm able to install Vintage Organs, but when I open MainStage of Logic, it doesn't show up as an AU instrument. On my newer mac, you access it through Komplete Kontrol. When I try to install Komplete Kontrol through Native Access, it fails and says 'The version of OS is not supported by the installer'. I found a page with Legacy versions of Native Access, one with support for 10.11, but when I download it and open it, it automatically updates itself to the newest version of Access. Is there any way to use Vintage Organs by itself or through Komplete on my current OS?


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