Any chance to get insight into a finalized song project for learning purposes?

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Feels like this thread could paint me as a very stupid person, but I just don't know what else to do... 😅

Being a complete beginner, getting into music was something I likely did with a pretty naive thinking. K-Pop has always been my favourite music genre and music itself keeps me alive. Eventually, I wanted to make my own songs because it seemed fun and simple. Well... about the word "simple": Turns out I was wrong.

I've never learned how to play a piano/keyboard in the past. This is, I know, something I will have to learn. School was horror for me (due to bullying spanning over years, eventually developing a social anxiety disorder because of that), so I didn't spend long enough there to really learn anything substantial about notes and stuff.

More than often I open my Studio One DAW and close it within seconds because everything just feels overwhelming.

I come to think that, maybe, getting my hands on an already finalized song project could help me understand stuff better - like how a song is perfectly structured, what effects go where and how to mix and master it properly. Does that make sense?

I usually watch videos from K-Pop producers, where you can catch a bit of interesting insight - e.g. this "behind the scenes" video of that song - but it's just not enough 😟


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    Dear Monochrome,

    I feel bad for your past, as I had similar problems (Instead of social anxiety, having autism was nearly the same experience).

    As for the music making, it is nearly impossible at the first glance, but experimentation will make it more fun and easier!

    Here is one great mixing tip: use the compression or dynamics plugin (ST supercharger or KiloHearts Dynamics, these are great!) for the main master channel of your mix, and make sure that you use dry/wet settings so that you can hear compressed and the original signal!

    That way, you will have the quality while having the vibe and the emotion at the same time!

    Have fun composing and may God bless you and protect you in life!

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