NI Spotlight East Asia vs Chronicles Miyabi

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Starting to explore a lot more japanese/east asia sounds for some more modern electronic/orchestral composition and wanted to get some opinions. Has anyone tried these libraries that can give a good comparison? NI's Spotlight East Asia is a lot cheaper as it has some degree of percussion, while Miyabi is more expensive and I'd likely have to grab some percussion libraries from elsewhere (8Dio epic taikos or taiko creator). I've heard Sonica as the de facto standard for Japanese VSTi's but I likely don't need the articulations and flexibility they provide right now since my focus is mostly on video game/anime music composition, so I'm looking for richer and fuller sounds without too much need for tweaking. With that said, I want to be able to get as big of a library to select sounds from so while quality is important, I do want to make sure I'm getting started with a good quantity of available options. Does anyone have any suggestions for this and/or experience with whether anything might go on sale soon?



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    I tried using Eastern instruments from Factory Library 2 and they obviously sound super great!

    But if you want eastern instruments with cheaper price, then I recommend buying cheaper plugins (common sense lol.)

    But you can experiment with sounds and structures of the combination between eastern and orchestral music!

    You might become the great composer!

    I am counting on you!

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