sequencer with adjustable step lenght for each step



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    That's one for you to work out ;) I've never really used event tables in that way - when I use them I turn off the GUI, and the main thing I use them for is as a way to share data between different instruments in an ensemble. e.g. it's the only way to guarantee that multiple random number generators each have a unique seed... stuff like that.

    Here's the basic Idea being used in the Bento sample and hold:

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    Colin, he's on R5, there are no Blocks inside.

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    ColB I made this structure and Reaktor says that there is an event loop, i did exactly the same.. maybe i am missing something? anyway this structure is not helpful for what i need as long i can’t use it with an event table... i need some way to add this function to the basic sequencer structure in the Reaktor Primary manual.

    Anyway thx for the help

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    Please set Event Loops to Enable

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