Kontakt Abbey Road Drums Glitch

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I absolutely cannot get any sound to come out of the Kontakt Player. I have the Universal Audio Volt 2 and have selected it as the device, but all I'm getting is a glitched out mess when I try to load any of the Abby Road drums.

I'm using a 2015 MacBook Pro running Monterey. I just cannot figure out what to do. Please help! Screenshot below for reference. I'm also running the most recent version of Kontakt.


  • Blindeddie
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    It appears you are missing the .NKR (resources) file associated with the Library(s). They should be located in the samples folder of the AR70s library folder. It also appears the Samples Folder may be empty as I do not see any samples loaded...Do you get any type of error? ot does it just load up that way? Anyway, take a look in that folder to see if any files are missing.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @spidaman009 I see you contacted our support team in the end. Did any of the troubleshooting steps provided by our support team help?

    • Give a full disk access in Mac's system preferences
    • Reinstall the Kontakt data
  • garlicbrown
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    I'm having this same issue and with the same kit. although it's asking for Open Kit Full - Up Close. but cannot find this Up Close kit. Any ideas?

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