Saving Komplete Kontrol state as a whole.

Wilmar Boer
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I don't see any possibility to save the current status of Komplete Kontrol including the FX Chain. There is even a support page on the NI site that states that Saving every plugin as a seperate preset and loading them one by one again is the solution. That can't be true.

please NI, make it possible to save Komplete Kontrol setups for total recall.


  • FRieck
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    Yes! We need this!

    It is not "komplete" without allowing us to save Instrument + FX in a single file!

  • Vagus
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    This is a long requested feature - but I'm not sure if this is something on the roadmap - although it would be AMAZING.

    Maybe @Matt_NI can shed some light.

    Otherwise, it might be worth changing this to a feature request, rather than a normal post.

  • JesterMgee
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    I doubt the mods here could shed light, was hard enough for them to get info on the 100% needed update of VST3 plugins.

    Yeah the "Komplete" word is no where close to an actual statement of functionality, it's just a brand name. 6 years we have been constantly asking for this functionality but nothing so much as a "this is a good idea and we will add it to the roadmap" so better to just accept it will never be possible to do. Other issue is that within a DAW, loaded FX cannot be automated so it becomes a little pointless for DAW use and only useful for "live" use where you could just use Maschine software to do this with ability to then also switch between scenes/layers easier.

  • sonicdeviant
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    I'm a bit surprised that this isn't possible, but I guess it's probably better to use a DAW to add plugins anyway to an instrument anyway.🤔

  • RedwardMc
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    Another bizarre problem highlighting how unfinished their software is

  • Wilmar Boer
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    edited July 2022

    onstage I would like not to load a full DAW and put tracks in monitoring mode just to play some sounds. Komplete Kontrol could be a Mainstage competitor if it wouldn’t be such a strange undeveloped blend between being a plugin itself and a standalone stage app for using sounds and setup layers of sounds with NI S-series masterkeyboards onstage in a live band. Layers I said? It still can’t do that.

  • bjg123
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    If you are using KK within a DAW, you should be able to save the track you have it in as a template - and that would keep all the KK settings yes? I'm sure you can do this on my DAW, Reaper.

  • Wilmar Boer
    Wilmar Boer Member Posts: 62 Helper

    I know. But my usage is for live purposes. Why should I need a DAW as a giant wrapper around my Kontrol keyboard setup just to save the state Komplete Kontrol is in? Coming down to the rehearsal room “wait guys, I have to start my DAW first to get total recall and put some channels in monitoring mode to get layers”. Haha, I will stay on Mainstage for a while.

  • bjg123
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    Wilmar, You have probably tried this, so excuse me, but I find if I save a group, I open it up and everything is just like I left it, including the content of that group.

  • Wilmar Boer
    Wilmar Boer Member Posts: 62 Helper

    You're right. But that is in Maschine. Komplete Kontrol as a standalone application (which is great for live use) doesn't have this.

  • enginhic
    enginhic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Good point. I am just getting into the NI ecosystem. So far, I feel like NI is going with Maschine for live performance. Groups are good to save full chains like you both agreed. Komplete Kontrol to me is more of a preset management tool. And I agree, saving the whole chain with each component's presets should be a function in KK.

  • Kymeia
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    edited August 2022

    Long standing issue that has been brought up countless times since fx were first added (and before!). FX in Komplete Kontrol are pretty pointless really - as a bare minimum what is needed for FX to actually be useful beyond just noodling around with an instrument is:

    1) an actual FX version of KK

    2) The ability to save chains of fx

    3) The ability to automate fx in a host

    It's just ridiculous that these things were not considered 'no brainers' when fx support was first added to KK, that it has gone on for so long since in this state, with no word from NI about even beginning address it, is deplorable and frustrating

  • astavi
    astavi Member Posts: 11 Member

    Given that this will probably not happen for some years (like VST3 support, which seems even less optional), I'd recommend using a modular host within Komplete Kontrol. Unify and Freestyle are both great options for this (Unify is cheaper and has great sound libraries, Freestyle is fancier and has an effect plugin as well).

    It's a shame that, in order to give some of us the hardware we dreamt about during the Kore days, they had to take such a massive leap backwards from what their software used to be able to do. Honestly...if Kore 2 was fully compatible with modern systems, ran multicore without issues and supported VST3 I'd probably be using it instead.

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