Must manually set each instrument "Direct Input" to something other then "None"

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I somehow managed to get my Kontrol MK2 S61 and KK in a mode where each time I select a track in my DAW (Studio One), I must first change the default "Direct Input" setting to something other than "None", or else my Kontrol S61 will not play anything.

But, I also have to make sure that all other virtual instruments used on that song have their "Direct Input" settings set to "None", or else my keyboard will play multiple instruments when the keys are played.

So every time I switch tracks in my song, I have to manually "turn off" one instrument and then manually "turn on" the other instrument.

This happens when I play Presonus virtual instruments also, not just NI instruments.

How do I return my system to a state where my keyboard will play the instrument that is currently selected, but only that instrument? I have been changing MIDI and audio settings trying to fix other problems, so I'm guessing that it's something I did. Thanks!


  • Blindeddie
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    Sounds like you turned off “Instrument input follows selection” take a look at the

    “Monitoring a Virtual Instrument” section of the Studio one Manual for more info…

  • DanC
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    edited June 2022

    Thanks Blindeddie. I actually did turn off "Instrument input follows selection". So I turned it back on. Studio One says my instrument tracks have inputs set to "All inputs", but the virtual instruments are still have their inputs set to "None".

    It doesn't seem to matter if "Instrument input follows selection" is turned on or off, the virtual instruments are still set to inputs being "None" by default.

    I don't see anything in the "Instrument Tracks" section of the S1 reference manual that clues me in on anything else to try.

    So now you got me thinking that perhaps it's a setting in S1. Or perhaps KK. Or my MK2 keyboard. Something somewhere is telling my virtual instruments to set inputs to "None".

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