Stratus 3D and Stratus Symphony crash KK

Jessy Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

When I launch KK it freezes when it gets to VST Stratus 3D and Symphony.

I recently installed Stratus 3D and Stratus Symphony as part of the Izotop free upgrade a few days ago, This software isn't as yet part of Izotopes eco system and is a separate download.

I uninstalled stratus 3D/Symphony from my Win10 system. Then tried KK again but still didn't work.

I deleted the Komplete.db3 and shm/wal files in Appdata/local/NI/KK but still didn't work

I renamed the Stratus.dll file in the "Program Files\VSTplugins" to Stratus.old and when I launched KK it got past scanning of Strratus 3D but then froze at Symphony. So I renamed Symphony.dll to Symphony.old and tried again, KK then ran without a problem.

It seems that there is an issue with Stratus 3D and Stratus Symphony DLL files in the VSTplugin folder. I don't know if this is just my machine, a problem with Stratus or a problem with KK Up until now I haven't had any software issues.

I am very new to the music software world but I thought I would post here incase others come across this problem. I am yet to try reinstall Stratus and may not until I see some comments as I can't be bothered doing software testing :-)

Anyhow, I hope this helps anyone that comes across this, for all I know it could of been my fault with something but just incase it isn't I hope someone finds this useful.



  • EffEchs
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    I have the same issue. Both Ableton Live and FL studio stuck on scanning these two plugins. I've tried both vst and vst3 only and still the same issue persists.

  • Jessy
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    edited June 2022

    Did you rename the files DLL extensions so they won't be detected, for example my stratus.dll file I renamed stratus.old so it wouldn't load. ? If you change the DLL it won't load them and the scan will continue and KK will load.

    is it will mean of course these won't run but at least KK will work again. I don't know enough about KK or Essential Audio to know who's got the bug issue. But these are 3D extensions so many there is something new in the DLL format that KK can't read. By what I understand 3D plugins have a lot more in them

  • Andres Bla
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    Bonjour, je n'ai pas de solution à votre problème mais après avoir constaté que Stratus 3D et Symphony 3D n'apparaissaient pas dans Ableton Live 11, le support izotope m'a répondu qu'effectivement, seules les versions standard étaient fonctionnelles sur Ableton Live 11. Je les ai désinstallées et je n'ai pas eu de problème. Malheureusement pour le moment, on doit se contenter des versions standard"

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