S2 MK3 / S3 controllers & MIDI

Aleix Jiménez
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Good afternoon,

I've seen the latest S2 MK3 and S3 firmware updates, but there are some things that still don't work as I would expect and stated in the old forum...


Will the S2 MK3 / S3 be added to the Controller Editor app (as the Mk1 and Mk2)? Otherwise we are limited to blue/purple pads in MIDI mode and we can’t take advantage of the “RGB” pads.

Current MIDI OUT RGB ranges:

0: Off

1-42: Dimmed Blue

43-85: Bright Blue

86-127: Bright Purple

Plug'n'play vs MIDI mode & need of Power Adapter

There are some inconsistencies between MIDI mode and plug'n'play mode... The S2 MK3 and the S3 have:

  • 1 power port
  • 1 USB B port
  • 1 USB A port (the "iPad" port)

Currently, we can only use them in "plug&play" mode with the Traktor Pro 3, or with Traktor DJ 2 if a power adapter is connected to them, or in MIDI mode (holding left Flux button when powering/plugging it to an iPad/laptop).

It would be nice to if we could use them with Traktor DJ 2 without needing to plug the power adapter, directly from the USB-B port... The inconsistency is described with much more details in this old forum post.

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