VSTs not updating but standalone is after Kontakt 6.7.1 update

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Hi there,

I have searched high and low for a solution, but alas nothing.

I have a registered library that I want to use (GGD Dry and Funky), but it won't show up in Kontakt vst3, or vst2. It does show up in standalone (which I never use). After updating to 6.7.1, it seems that standalone updated correctly but the VSTs have not. Older versions are listed in the VSTs' software details.

My Native Access file folder mappings haven't changed, and I haven't had any issues with other libraries.

Can someone help me figure this out? Thanks in advance!


  • Jeremy_NI
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    If you click on the NI logo in the Kontakt's plug-in Window you can see it's version, if it's not 6.7.1 it means your DAW is probably looking in the wrong folder for the Kontakt vst file. You need to check the VST folders selected in your DAW, the installation folders chosen for Kontakt in Native Access, see if they match or if you need to copy the dll to your chosen vst folder. Since you didn't mention what DAW you are using, here is a general video for plug-in administration:

  • Still01
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    I've just come across this post which relates to the same issue I'm having but relets the the latest Kontakt 7 update 7.5.0. Prior to 7.5 update I had a VST3 plugin which was fine for that verion release however now Ive updated the VST3 that I still had in place just opens the prior release version of Kontakt 7 and not the latest depite the standalone is updated. I haved searched my whole hard drive for the VST3 but to no avail. Any idea what is going on here and is there a problem with the latest update ?

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    How do you know that the VST is not updated?. How are you using the VST? What DAW - and what do you mean by this:

    "Prior to 7.5 update I had a VST3 plugin which was fine"? Is the VST you reference here - Kontakt 7 or something else.

    Also Mac or Windows?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Still01 By default, VST3 files are installed here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 on Windows, this is the default folder where every DAW or music program will look into, unless your DAW has the possibility to have custom folders, like Ableton or others.

    On Mac, it will always be here: Mac HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST3AUx

  • Still01
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    I'm new to this so thanks for the responses. I'm on Windows 10 and I use Ableton Live 11 Standard DAW, I was confused by the fact the existing VST3 for Kontakt 7 in the folder as noted C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 the last modified and created date had not changed when I run the update however I've now re-installed Kontakt 7.5 and a new VST3 has appeared in the folder above. Odd it didn't do it in the first place ? Thanks for your help. 

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