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Hey all. Is there any way to have projects stored in folders on the standalone device, or create folders?

If not so, this would be a big feature request. I have probably over 50+ projects and I have to go to the computer and move stuff out of the Maschine to organize. Would be simpler if I could just put them into folders instead, on the device!



  • ozon
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    Seconded. Doesn’t matter whether its folders or tags, but we need a means to structure the list of Projects. Maybe something like a Setlist (where Projects are kept in a specified sequence) could help as well.

    Same problem exists on the desktop software: The ever growing list of user Projects turns unusable.

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    Yep, especially since there are no previews, not sure who would memorize project names once you reach a certain # ...

    Your best bet is to create some custom tags, but of course, this requires using the computer after your projects are saved; would be nice to do it from the M+.

    If NI would allow us to change the "Product" tag we could have different main thumbnails for different kinds of projects, I do this with a script mainly so my live performance projects are separated from other stuff since I need to load them fast in between songs but using terminal scripts is not easy for the average user.

    Anyway, looks like this in standalone mode:

    And like this on the computer:

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