Feature Request: More robust Native Access Install Options

JBlongz Member Posts: 11 Member

Komplete 13 CE user:

Problem 1: My laptop has 1TB storage, and I have 8TB external. I want all Maschine and expansions on internal storage, and all Kontakt related stuff on external. Native access should be able to separate the content to install to difference drives via settings. Currently, the content install option just dumps everything in one place.

Problem 2: If I decide to relocate an expansion, I would have problems with battery finding its respective content too. This is not easily fixed as with the relocation option of Kontakt. In the past I have to reinstall the expansion manually to the location I want battery to see.

Solution?: NI could add a script to ensure that relocated files are cataloged in respective software products. Such a script will also save server resources as most users would prefer to reinstall everything from Native Access than to troubleshoot the issue.



  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,130 admin

    If you want to split the installation locations, simply make sure to set the correct path before installing the Maschine or Kontakt stuff. But I agree that different storage locations would be handy.

    Regarding problem 2, Battery can relocate files pretty easily when something was moved.

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