Opening Maschine Desktop Project on Maschine + if it has unsupported Plugins?

Zigbert D.
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I'm considering replacing Machine Mk3 with Maschine + but have a couple of workflow questions about going from Desktop/controller mode to Standalone mode.

One, is Maschine + functionally identical to Maschine Mk3 in controller mode? Is there anything you can do from the Mk3 hardware that you can't do when using M+ in controller mode?

Second, what happens if you try to load a project from the Desktop software in M+ standalone mode if it contains unsupported plugins? The workflow I'm hoping for would be for it to load, but simply mute the track or otherwise leave the unsupported plugins unloaded, but still leave the project/pattern/group data intact. Then I could continue working on M+ standalone with supported plugins, save my work, then re-transfer the project back to the desktop and have it open with all the plugins/patterns that were unavailable in standalone re-anabled and ready for continued editing, etc. I realize there may be certain file management hassles in having to save and continually transfer back and forth, but I'd at least like for standalone unsupported plugins/data to not be discarded or otherwise trashed when opening or saving in standalone mode.

Thanks for any insight or input.



  • Astralbeats_225
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    It's been a while since I've done this but last time I pulled a project into Maschine+ that had unsupported plugins it gave me an error. X plugin could not be found and it put an exclamation point where the plugin should be on the sound insert. Most of my unsupported plugins we're FX based so I can't give info on whether vsts would leave the midi or just delete all together.

    Edit : sorry didn't answer the other question.

    Maschine+ and mk3 work exactly the same in controller mode. I have both an mk3 and M+. I decided to store the mk3 since the M+does the same

  • Zigbert D.
    Zigbert D. Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thanks, helpful info. If you can recall, did you ever try transferring the file back to the desktop after saving on Maschine + ? Did it retain the unsupported plugin in the project file? I'm not really planning to use Maschine + for live performances, but just to have a portable unit so I can work on projects in other locations than my studio room. So ideally, the projects could be shuttled back and forth in the way I described. If not, I would just adjust my work flow accordingly if I get the M +. Ultimately the way I generally complete Maschine projects is to load them in plugin mode into my DAW anyway, so there are a lot of ways to work around limitations in that configuration.

  • darkwaves
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    Here's a test project with pigments.

    Saved and copied over to the sd card in M+. Error! The following Plug-ins could not be loaded: Pigments (VST).

    Added another sound. Added a bunch of random notes on the pigments pattern (i.e. just hit keys because I can't hear what it's doing). Added fx after pigments. Again - I can't hear it; just want to see if the changes save. Saved and went back into storage mode to copy it over.

    Can confirm it made noise. I didn't change the patch in pigments; but it now has "Lost Sun*". Seems to be a maschine thing. Setting it back to the preset, saving and reopening on desktop (i.e. M+ not involved at all) and the same thing occurs.

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